When the oil price hits $40 per barrel, the Canadian oilpatch will be a lot more profitable

When the oil price hits $40 per barrel, the Canadian oilpatch will be a lot more profitable

It was the summer of 2014, and a small-town oilpatch in British Columbia had just finished a year in which it had produced a record amount of oil.

It was time for a big production boom.

But, just like many Canadian oilfields, the one in the Okanagan had been hit by a huge, unexpected blow: the price of oil dropped from around $50 per barrel to $40.

For the oilpatch’s small-time producers, it meant the end of an era.

But for a handful of investors who were in the game, the drop in oil prices was a golden opportunity.

They were ready to take advantage of a massive, once-in-a-generation boom in energy efficiency.

And they were ready, they believed, to reap the rewards.

The investment strategy in oil and gas stocks has been described as “the most successful strategy in the world,” according to John Hildebrand, co-founder of the energy firm Cairns Global Investors.

The strategies, which focus on high-risk, high-reward investments, have seen their value soar as the world’s economy has expanded and people have been consuming more of the world with fewer resources.

That has made them more attractive to people who want to be risk-averse, and also to investors who want low-cost investments, Mr. Hildebrands said.

The strategy has proven to be so successful that Mr. O’Leary is betting it will continue to be a big part of his business strategy going forward.

“I’m really bullish on the strategy,” he said.

“There’s no question about it.”

In the end, the investment strategy has paid off.

“The strategy is probably the most successful investment strategy that’s ever been implemented in the history of the business,” Mr. McLellan said.

With a report from The Canadian Press

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