Breitbart News has obtained a second report by the Black Hills Energy Research Center (BLACK HOLE) that exposes the energy pyramid that is being used to generate millions of dollars in profits for the oil and gas industry.

The report by BLACK HOLLIES Energy Research Institute (BLUE HILL) also shows how the energy industry is exploiting public lands for fracking and drilling.

BLM, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Bureau for Land Management (BLM) have all been implicated in these practices, and it is clear that BLM, BLMs oil and mineral leasing program, and other energy companies are involved in the illegal extraction and exploitation of public lands.

BLM has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar by a recent BLM decision to remove the BLM designation for Black Hills.

BLM will not be the only oil and mining company to exploit public lands in this manner.

The BLM, in its effort to maintain its current dominance in the American Southwest, has been expanding its oil and minerals leasing program to include the BLM, which has no control over the BLMs own public lands, nor does BLM have the authority to determine what activities should occur on the BLM’s public lands and what the BLM should do about them.

BLM is not the only energy company to use its control of public land to extract fossil fuels and extract oil and natural gas from the earth, as we have reported on in previous columns.

Other companies and governments are doing the same thing.

It is time for the federal government to put an end to this abuse of public rights and resources, and for BLM to take steps to protect the public from this industry that has abused our public lands without proper authorization.BLACK HILL: The BLM’s Oil and Gas Program has a history of overdevelopment.

BLM claims to have been the first to develop and administer the BLM Oil and Minerals Act (AMP), which requires oil and other mineral leasing on public lands on public and tribal lands in the Southwest.

However, since BLM is the sole government agency responsible for oil and energy on public land, the BLM has no authority over oil and its minerals.

BLM’s Petroleum Resources Management Program is the main source of funding for the BLM.

It allocates funds to various programs such as drilling, fracking, and gas development on public private lands.

The federal government is required to make payments to BLM based on oil and related minerals leases on public, tribal, and tribal-owned lands.BLM has an oil leasing program on public tribal lands.

It also leases on federal lands in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Texas.

BLM leases oil and coal from oil and bauxite mines on federal land in Texas, Wyoming and North Dakota.

BLM does not have authority over coal mines on public public lands but can restrict the use of the public lands by any energy company.BLAMBOO: BLM’s oil and commodity leasing program has been widely criticized by environmental groups, and by environmentalists who claim that the BLM oil and copper leasing program is an example of “exploitation of public trust” on public resources by oil and mine operators.

BLM claimed that its oil leasing on federal public lands was authorized by the BLM Act of 1959, which was passed by Congress in 1958, and that BLM was authorized to issue leases on private lands for oil development.

However by the 1960s, the oil industry had taken advantage of BLM to extend its operations on federal and tribal public lands to the point that BLM no longer had the authority or responsibility to approve the leases.

The oil industry now owns 90 percent of BLM oil leases, and more than 90 percent have gone to oil companies.

BLM now leases oil on federal, tribal and tribal private lands on private and public lands under various terms.

BLM also leases oil to oil producers and refiners on public property, and on public Indian lands and reservations.

BLM operates several oil and oil extraction and development sites.

BLM leased more than 6.5 million barrels of oil and 1.8 million barrels to oil and petroleum producers from the BLM in the first quarter of 2016.

BLM currently leases oil from oil companies at 1.3 million barrels per day, and oil producers at 2.5 billion barrels per year.BLUEHILL: BLM, through its Petroleum Resources and Mineral Resources Management (PRAMS) program, manages oil and the oil resources in public lands across the Southwest, from Colorado to Utah.

PRAMS, also known as “public lands and natural resources management,” is a major source of funds for BLM, and provides $3.2 billion in funding annually.

BLM receives a portion of PRAMS funding through the Department of the Interior’s Natural Resource Conservation Fund.

BLM owns about half of the leases for oil produced on public-owned land, and is the majority shareholder in several oil companies that lease their own oil.BLANKS Energy Research Group is the second report to expose the energy of BLM’s energy pyramid. It

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