When is the next Rockstar Energy Drink?

When is the next Rockstar Energy Drink?

Rockstar has announced it will start releasing energy drinks on March 12, the same day it releases Monster Energy drinks. 

Rockstar said that the new drinks will include “more than 100” different energy drinks.

Rockstar said it will be available for $10.99, while Monster will cost $11.99. 

There are currently a lot of energy drinks available on the market, but Rockstar is targeting a niche market with its energy drinks, especially as it launches Monster Energy flavors. 

 “We are excited to announce that the Monster Energy line will debut on March the 12th,” said Chris Horvath, CEO of Rockstar.

“With our new Monster Energy products, we are bringing a taste of the future to a growing segment of our customer base.” 

According to Horvathy, the Monster energy drinks will be different from the other Monster products. 

“The difference between the Monster and the other energy drinks is the fact that Monster Energy is made with ingredients made in-house, including the highest quality ingredients, and our ingredients are not GMO or chemical,” Horvathi said.

“Our Monster energy drink will feature our Monster brand flavor, but we will also have a variety of other flavors that we believe will appeal to fans of all ages.” 

Rockstars new energy drinks are not just for kids, but for all energy drink drinkers. 

The new energy drink line will be priced at $10 and will be in a “premium” variety. 

Horvath said the new Monster energy will include flavors like “Fruit Punch,” “Cherry Orange” and “Tangerine.” 

Horwath said Monster has had a strong year with the Monster line. 

He also said that Monster will be releasing Monster Energy flavored products.

Horvathi has said that Rockstar will be bringing the energy drinks to the United Kingdom, as well as Europe. 

If you’re looking to get a taste for these energy drinks in the U.K., you can get a Monster Energy energy drink for £10.98 from Rockstargame.co.uk. 

I have to wonder if the next energy drink in line, the energy drink with the flavor of fruit punch will also be coming to the U, UK and Europe.

I’m hoping that Rockstargames energy drinks line in the near future. 

Hopefully Rockstar and Monster Energy will work together on some of the energy products for the next 12 months. Thanks to Natalie from  North Carolina for the tip!

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