Which company owns alliant?

Which company owns alliant?

Posted November 04, 2018 03:10:42 A federal lawsuit filed by New York-based Alliant Energy, the owner of the utility NextEra, accuses the energy giant of colluding to avoid complying with the Clean Power Plan and to promote the sale of wind energy in New York State.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 20,000 New Yorkers, including former Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, Alliant alleges that New York regulators are not only ignoring its environmental obligations under the Clean Air Act but are also discriminating against it because of its size and its large investment in natural gas.

The suit says Alliant and NextEray, which owns NextEras, are also engaged in a pattern of “discriminatory and unlawful conduct” in violation of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

The company’s response, filed Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan, argues that Alliant has no intention of stopping operating the two companies in New Yorkers’ states and territories.

The lawsuits comes amid a broader battle over the future of coal-fired power plants.

It’s a battle that’s also expected to come to a head at the state level this week when the New York Legislature votes on a bill that would limit the power of the state’s power grid to natural gas-fired plants.

Alliant is one of several major companies that are pursuing new, cleaner sources of energy.

Last week, it filed an application to build a $5.6 billion gas pipeline from its New York refinery to a coal-burning power plant in West Virginia.

That’s a big deal because the pipeline would supply energy to the state for about 3.7 million customers, more than the entire population of West Virginia, which has a population of about 8 million.

The state is currently looking at new transmission lines and other ways to distribute electricity to more people.

The New York lawsuit is the latest in a series of recent legal actions filed by Alliant to stop the Clean Energy and Clean Power Act, the Clean Food and Drug Act, and the federal Clean Power and Regulatory Act.

In February, Alliance and Next Era announced plans to move production of natural gas out of the U.K. to the U, and to start exporting the gas to the United States.

The companies said the move would help reduce carbon emissions and create jobs in the U to support the U’s energy security.

A month later, New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, filed a lawsuit against Alliant, alleging that it was colluding with other power companies to limit the Clean Supes Power Plan, which requires that states build energy efficiency programs in the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Schneiderman said in his complaint that the companies are violating the Clean Act because they’re not “fully cooperating” with the court’s investigation into the spill.

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